About us

We at The Dev and Test Guys are passionate about all aspects of project Quality and Assurance, our multi-awarding team have successfully delivered and leveraged our domain experience across many industries, such as Banking, Education, Finance, Pharma, Telcoms, Insurance, Technology, Retail, Logistics, Public Sector, Leisure, Construction and Gaming to ensure our solutions and expertise meet the exacting standards of our customers.

The emergence and rapid uptake of new project solutions such as Agile and DevOps have integrated closely Development with Testing, we at The Dev and Test Guys and as industry pioneers now make it possible to shop in one place for Developers, Developers in Test, SDET’s, DEVOPS engineers and Testers. We place Quality at the heart of any project, whether one Dev resource or many, functional testing or complex automation, we as a trusted and strategic partner, provide project development Assurance and Quality testing solutions across all projects and Digital Transformations.

We help our customers, mitigate risk and deliver a right first-time approach, whether a project uses Waterfall, Agile, V-model or Prince 2 our unique proven methodology integrates to ensure quality is built in from day one right through to project implementation.

The Dev and Test Guys are a Global Service Delivery Platform which allows our value propositions to help companies realise their potential whilst delivering necessary cost benefits. Offshoring allows you to reduce one of the most expensive parts of your business, the labour costs. Freeing this up will allow you to reinvest funds into your business and give you the opportunity to expand your offerings and service. This model gives you access to a young and vast pool of talent, who are highly skilled and university educated. The wide skill availability for knowledge-based processes through offshoring becomes an advantage for any business looking to fulfil specific requirements.


Over the year, resources are usually affected by work load fluctuations, offshoring ensures that you have resources available for your companies’ growth, and also deal with issues associated with work load instabilities, only pay for productive resources.

Specialities: Developers – Software Testers – SDET’s – DevOps – Performance and Automation Test Engineers, Right Shore Dev and Testers – Device Testers

Company Profile

Company Profile

The Dev and Test Guys are the UK’s newest and brightest Development Engineering and Software Testing consultancy. Our teams are made up of exceptional consultants who will provide decades of experience award winning solutions to ensure you can develop and deliver with confidence.

Our mantra is that we believe in providing you with impartial information, mitigating risk to your brand and business, focusing on your business needs and providing you with the best possible service at the right cost, whilst supporting you to drive quality throughout the development life-cycle. Our Frugal engineering and innovative approach, allows for a rapid start up whilst maintaining cost to a minimum. Our pledge to these standards helps us deliver a high-quality service with consultants that care about the outcomes.

Our Guys are our most valuable asset, we ensure that every person in whatever location are equipped with the right skills, support and technology required to deliver the most complex projects.

We are very honoured for the part we play in enabling people from both the LBGTQ+ and ethnic minorities community to start or progress their career in technology. We remain committed to treating everyone the same, regardless of their colour, gender, sexual orientation or religion.

Our Team

The Dev and Test Guys are a company, fully focused on Software Development, Project Quality Assurance and Software Testing. To be one of the Guys, our team have to show passion, drive, commitment and above all be experts in their field.

We have an expectation from our consultants to not only successfully complete their assigned work, but to go that extra mile and look continuously for making improvement and to bring in innovation were possible. The aim of every Guy is to make a difference and we equip these industry experts with the necessary development and testing knowledge to deliver on our vision of providing the best software solutions in the world.

Business, Development and Project Assurance requires a special breed of person. They are the ones that are SME’s, Specialists and Guys with an appetite to make a difference who demonstrate daily, a deep understanding of the business, the applications and their trade. We also promote collaborative working, helping others and above all, to have fun!

Our founders, the multi-awarding winning Guys, still lead by example and provide consultancy and during their 20+ year careers helping improve companies products and services. They have undertaken most IT roles from Test Analyst to Software Developer to Programme Test Manager to Managing Director. this ingrains them with a deep understanding of software development and testing solutions as well as total quality management.