Phil Edwards

CEO and Co-Founder

Phil has a career spanning over 20 years in IT and has as such, consulted at over 70 companies throughout the UK, 20 of which are FTSE 100 companies in many different business sectors.

Phil has worked extensively around the world including places like America, Switzerland, Germany, Channel Islands, Ireland and India. Phil started his career in Development and moved over to Quality Assurance. For the last 15 years, Phil has worked in senior roles, delivering high-level consultancy with a primary focus on Development, Test and Quality Management.

Phil has successfully led companies to win many awards including achieving the recognition as the, Vendor of the year at the European Software Awards 2016 and 2019 and being the only UK based company to achieve finalist status four years in a row. Phil was also runner up as Testing Manager of the year in 2016.

Phil has had articles published, had live streamed video interviews on Digital Transformation projects and has written articles on subjects such as: Output based Pricing, Agile, DevOps, Test Management, Automation, Performance Testing, along with advising on tooling solutions. His published articles are now accessible to over 100,000 people directly.

Outside of work, Phil volunteers for Pets as Therapy with his dog Dougal and helps out in the local community, whilst continuing with his passion for building and other DIY projects.

Phil commented, “Our aim is to establish a company vision with clear goals, not only do we want to be a great fun and ethical place to work, but where people are inspired to be the best they can, and to bring a portfolio of quality services that enhance, compliment and make a difference to all companies big or small”

Hitesh Parekh

COO and Co-Founder

Since the 2000, Hitesh has had an outstanding career in Quality Assurance, Business Development and Project Delivery.

Hitesh has worked on many mission critical projects within the financial, facilities management, construction, banking, retail, insurance, healthcare and government sectors, where he managed the full end to end Quality Assurance process as well as most importantly, people. Being assigned on to these assignments gave Hitesh the opportunity to work extensively across the globe.

In addition to this, the numerous roles have also enabled Hitesh to identify and develop QA methodologies which then are rolled out across the organisation, this has proven to both saving time and money, but importantly ensuring consistency and project success.

Hitesh is a versatile, approachable and composed individual who tackles problematic and challenging situations in a positive and pragmatic manner to maintain and develop client relationships. His academic grounding in business and IT has provided a solid basis for personal development in the business environment, which has been strengthened and accentuated by experience in previous organisational roles.

Outside of work, Hitesh supports numerous organisations as a volunteer with their work, is an avid reader, a business and tech enthusiast and loves to spend time with his family, travelling and at home.

Hitesh commented, “We aim to be a company that inspires and innovates. By bringing affordable quality solutions to all areas of the software development life-cycle, our unbridled passion for supporting companies and persistent pursuit of innovation drives us to deliver low-cost global solutions.”