The Dev and Test Guys is a leading Oracle Development and Testing company that is growing leaps and bounds each year. They have been outstanding in providing Service and Solutions in Oracle On-Premise Applications, Oracle e-business Suite, Oracle Cloud, Oracle Fusion, Integrations, Managed Service and Support, Analytics, Data Migration, Upgrades and End to end Implementations.

Our vast experience in Oracle Development and Testing will help businesses to solve complex problems using the right tools and methodologies and make their business processes more well-organised and profitable.

Oracle EBS Suite

Oracle’s e-business suite offers businesses an opportunity to increase their performance while decreasing expenses and helping companies make improved decisions. Whether it’s Enterprise Resource Planning, Financial Management, Customer Relationship Management, or Supply Chain Planning, the Oracle e-business suite helps all business types manage the complexities in the global business environment.

Our Oracle EBS testing service helps you identify the critical business flows to test application functionality and build the functional and load testing scripts. We Perform several testing, such as running flow tests on Oracle EBS, to identify issues that may occur after a patch, upgrade, or implementation. It provides test results that allow users and commentators to ensure that their applications are working as expected and quickly detect and resolve unwanted issues.

Oracle EBS Implementation and Integration Solutions

Our team of seasoned oracle experts and architects design a new module and enhanced the EBS experience to help companies achieve their business goals.

    ● Implementation and Customisation
    ● Seamless Global Delivery (Cloud, On-Premise, Hybrid)
    ● Project Management Oversight
    ● Organisational Change Management
    ● Application and Systems Design (incl. Cloud)
    ● Integration with 3rd Party Applications
    ● Flexible Delivery Models (Full Project Team to Staff Augmentation)
    ● Training: Application and Processes
    ● Project Accelerators

Oracle EBS Testing Services

Test And Development Guys’ Oracle EBS testing experts and QA experts are highly experienced in the field and always ready to deliver bug-free Oracle applications to help companies get the most out of their investment.

Following are the some of our EBS Testing Services

    ● Exploratory Testing Services
    ● Business intelligence testing
    ● API and Web Service Testing Services
    ● Mobile Application Testing Services
    ● IoT Testing Services
    ● Localization Testing Services
    ● ETL Testing Services
    ● Regression Testing Services

Oracle EBS Upgrade

Oracle EBS upgrades are critical to your business growth as they allow you to rework and improve your customer experience. These improvements allow companies to gain flexibility and compete with other similar companies.

Following are the some of our EBS Upgrade Services:

    ● Upgrade impact assessment
    ● End-to-end upgrade execution
    ● Execution approach recommendations
    ● Organisation change management
    ● Project scoping covering functional, technical, DBA, IMS, and 3rd party systems
    ● Cloud infrastructure adoption

Oracle EBS Support

Our end-to-end support services for Oracle are helping companies reduce the cost of ongoing maintenance, improve performance, reduce risk, and improve user experience.

Our Support Includes:

    ● System maintenance and Health checks
    ● Application, System and Database Administration
    ● Application and Database Hosting
    ● End-User Support
    ● Custom Design, Development, and Integration
    ● Enhancements in the Applications
    ● Upgrades, Patches, and Regression Testing
    ● Fully Managed Support

Our key services

Oracle Cloud

Oracle Cloud

Oracle Cloud is a cloud computing service provided by Oracle Corporation, built on scalable hardware that includes storage, networking, applications, servers, and services through a global network.

Oracle Cloud Service has spent more than ten years designing and implementing innovative Oracle applications across various industries, enabling customers to reduce application development costs and deliver applications that complement their business growth.

Oracle’s cloud computing technology provides state-of-the-art solutions to your business that will help you achieve enhanced experiences for both existing and newly built applications.

Oracle Fusion

Oracle Fusion is a complete suite of Oracle applications built to execute complex business tasks such as Customer relationship management, Enterprise resource planning, and Human capital management.

Our Oracle Fusion solutions on the cloud allow companies to take a more competitive approach in today’s business environment. We offer design and development services for a wide range of Oracle integration applications, including customisation, migration, integration, and upgrade.

Oracle Fusion
Oracle Managed Services in the UK

Oracle Managed Services

With our Oracle Managed Services Model, Integrated Tools and Techniques leveraging Oracle solutions, Infrastructure, Application Support and Testing services, we will bring massive value to our clients and save a lot of money, as our priority is to keep your business data sets running productively and reliably 24/7.

How our Oracle Managed services will benefit your business:

    ● Improves efficiency
    ● Maximises uptime
    ● Maximise revenue
    ● Healthy database infrastructure
    ● Reducing IT administration costs


With the increasing connectivity and digitisation of our world, many organisations have developed numerous specialised applications and systems to achieve business-specific requirements. At The Dev and Test Guys, we apply our niche-specific Oracle design and development skills at both the application and infrastructure layers to provide unmatched integration services. Critical business processes can be too complicated, mainly those that include various applications talking to each other. Appropriate integration ensures connectivity between the different applications and the key personnel involved, improved alignment between existing technologies and new business services, and a 360-degree view of business process life cycles. We help our customers with the best integration strategies, features, design, migration, services, and upgrades. We ensure the quality of work and adherence to time and budget controls. Our customer's success is what motivates us and which is why our solutions look beyond the obvious. We strive to integrate data from multiple sources into a centralised system that is easy to access and analyse to get better insights into their business.



As the use of social networking sites, IoT devices, and many other applications has been increased, there has been a surge in demand for technologies capable of storing vast and complex data and scale flat with the least cost and flexibility to store unstructured data. Our experienced team helps customers migrate their data to the cloud without errors or data loss. We bring the best out of Oracle cloud frameworks to help you implement your needs and achieve your goals and KPIs. Data Migrations pose a significant risk to the business, so teaming up with Oracle Migration professionals can decrease data loss during migration. Our expert professionals can help you execute your cloud migration with our proven strategic approach that includes data centers, apps, infrastructure, security, and OMCS.

Why Should You Consider The Dev and Test Guys for Oracle EBS?

At The Dev and Test Guys, We have a team of highly skilled professionals who have worked extensively on Oracle development. We have designed and developed complex oracle applications and helped our clients make the most of the ROI from their Oracle investments. The Dev and Test Guys provide services with the highest level of professionalism and business ethics. We partner with our clients to understand their business vision and goals and design customised Oracle solutions to unleash our client's potential and help them in achieving their business goals. We are perfect with our frameworks and design ideas. We choose to take the paths that encompass the least risks and are highly profitable for our clients.

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