Strategic consultancy

Strategic consultancy

Let us validate your approach and let our experts enhance the journey to success. Our consultants are generally brought in on the important decisions that are vital to the future outcomes of projects and programmes of work, they make sure that every angle is considered and that quality remains at the heart of development and testing. They integrate themselves within the existing team structure to support and impart best practice at all stages, whilst delivering against their key objects.

Our consultants also offer deep expertise in a particular industry or subject, such as Banking, Education, Finance, Pharma, Telcoms, Insurance, Technology, Retail, Logistics, Public Sector, Leisure, Construction and Gaming along with Development and Testing protocols.


Whether you are looking for a trustworthy and reputable company to build your operational software or transform your existing systems, then we are here to help. Our team of experienced guys have created numerous systems for organisations large and small across a variety of different sectors, including, Digital Transformation and within Agile Teams.

The Agile software methodology and can be employed across the Design, Code and Test phases of a development project. Agile is a powerful tool for software development and test, not only does it provide process and efficiency benefits, but also a number of important business benefits to the organisation. Agile helps product teams deal with many of the most common project issues, such as cost, project delivery slippage and scope creep in a more controlled manner. By re-organising and re-envisioning the activities involved in custom software development, Agile achieves those same objectives in a leaner and more business-focused way.

Waterfall model


Our Guys know that there’s a clear distinction between Agile and Waterfall and where best to use them. With Waterfall, the model depends upon the sequential approach in which each stage should complete itself to start the next stage. This consecutive order is suitable for regulatory, compliance or large transformation programmes where detailed design and specs are clear, static, and well-documented.

Furthermore, the Waterfall model is beneficial if the technology is mature and can easily be understood. Our team will ensure that detailed requirements, are reviewed, tested, clearly followed and tracked to ensure that no gaps, thus reducing and chance of problematic issues.


Our Guys work to many different delivery models. The DevOps software development methodology has many benefits which stresses communication, increases team collaboration and integration. With a single team composed of cross-functional members all working in collaboration, organisations that employ DevOps can deliver with maximum speed, functionality, and innovation.

There are technical benefits such as, continuous software delivery, less complexity to manage and faster resolution of problems, but the real benefits for IT leaders that decide on a DevOps led approach are that products are of higher quality which creates better customer satisfaction, built with a lower cost and allows a faster time to market.

DevOps software development


The complete package! The fully Monty…. organisations are constantly looking for a professional who can take part in whatever stage of the software development. That’s why employing SDETs help them as they can work developing high-performance code or designing the testing framework.

A typical SDET professional can automate the acceptance test by leveraging their coding skills, liaise with end users or customers. The SDET can also build, deploy, run and manage the application individually and Influence the development, program management, and design teams on technical implementation and user scenarios.

There is a trend among companies to adopt new technology and methodologies. Therefore, SDET software professionals are in high demand but in short supply. Talk to us about our pool of SDET engineers and low-cost options to help your organisation.


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