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Mobile applications have become an inseparable part of our lifestyle. As of now in 2021, the current number of people who use smartphones worldwide is 3.8 billion, which means that 48.41% of the global population owns a smartphone. Mobile apps enable businesses to directly communicate with their customers and offer services 24X7 without any interruption and encourage them to remain loyal to their brand.

The Dev and Test Guys is a leading mobile app development company in the UK that focuses on building engaging mobile apps for businesses which will help in attracting more customers and drive growth while reducing costs and increasing brand visibility.

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Mobile App Development Life Cycle

Mobile application development includes numerous processes starting from requirement gathering from clients to support and maintenance.

    ● Before submitting the proposal, our team will contact you and gather all relevant information about the requirement
    ● Once the proposal is approved, our team will schedule a high-level meeting with the client to discuss and understand all the requirements in detail to provide the best possible solution and time estimations
    ● Once we understand your requirements, the design team will start preparing wireframes to overview the features and incorporate them into the project
    ● As soon as we get the approval on the wireframes, we proceed with the development phase of your application
    ● Once the application meets the client’s requirements and is bug-free, we will launch your application
    ● Post-launch we will provide all the technical support which is required to keep your app running smoothly

User-Driven Mobile Application Development Solutions

Mobile Application Development Solutions
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