Progressive Web Apps

Our highly skilled developers help you create reliable, immersive, and fast PWAs with the combination of web and mobile technologies. To increase business efficiency, user engagement, and customers, we at TDATG build web applications that not only load fast but work well in all screen sizes, and we do so with advanced computing and new technologies like HTML, Javascript, and CSS.

Why Progressive Web Apps?

Low Development Cost

You do not need separate PWAs for each device type, and a single Progressive web application will meet the requirements and work without a glitch on all the devices. Therefore it reduces the effort for the developer and results in a reduction in development cost.

Fast Installation

Unlike all the regular Mobile apps, PWAs allow users to add them to their home screen without any app store issues, which significantly improves the user experience. All the installation process takes place in the background, without the user moving away from the website.

Enhanced Security

Progressive Web Apps depend on HTTPS to offer extensive data security and reduce the risk of security issues, as this protocol does not allow others to alter the content.

Fast and Reliable

PWAs will load promptly and efficiently, irrespective of the network quality. Along with the fast operation, its reliable performance is another feature that leaves an impression on the user experience.

Simple to Update

The PWAs are simple and easy to update as they are built with a single codebase. They have specific functionality that allows them to update without troubling the users with permission requests automatically.


Be it a mobile, desktop or tablet, and a PWA will run smoothly on all the devices and run effortlessly even on a low-quality network. PWAs are also capable of functioning offline, which makes them much more comfortable to use than websites.

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