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Global Delivery

The Dev and Test Guys work hard to find the right solutions at the right price, reduce your costs and increase your quality by leveraging our global resource pool drawn from Expert Dev and Test Engineers.

Whether onsite, near-site or remote, our team are here to help, distance is no boundary and our productivity tracker helps ensure our team deliver value for money at a cost that suits.

All our teams are equipped with the latest technology to ensure and maintain communication. Whether by audio or video, our flexible resources have the capability of aligning to current global time-zones or to maximise your working day by working out of hours, our Guys are here to help.

Security is of paramount importance to our Guys, so all of our delivery centres and personnel ensure conformance to regulatory compliance and GDPR protocols.

Digital Transformation

It’s essential that your Digital Transformation is implemented in the right way. Whilst banishing the risk and assuring your technology is fit for purpose, we know from experience that several things commonly affect project success;

  • A lack of proven methodology
  • Project complexity
  • Unknown processes
  • Products and technology
All of the above will be a major factor for a successful delivery, and we at The Dev and Test Guys will aim to ensure that you have a team who will provide you with a successful transformation as well as using current techniques and tools to increase speed to market and quality, while keeping costs to a minimum.

Any Digital Transformation projects come with a high level of uncertainty and complexity and are affected by varying degrees of change. Therefore, to de-risk project issues, our Quality Management and supporting teams will handle the risk management from start to finish, taking away the uncertainty of risks and increasing the likelihood and impact of positive events. Our tailored solutions ensure the greatest predictable outcomes.

Digital transformation

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