Salesforce Migration Service

During your Salesforce Implementation journey, migrating your business data from an existing system to Salesforce is an essential yet complex task which needs the support of a strategic approach and access to sophisticated technical tools and processes etc. At The Dev and Test Guys, we have a team of certified Salesforce experts skilled in the many strategies, tools, and techniques used for data migration. We adopt a secure and reliable Salesforce Migration method to reduce data loss risk and ensure you a successful salesforce migration experience.

We understand how data is essential for organizations of all sizes and nature etc. hence, we ensure your data's confidentiality and security throughout the data migration process.

We offer Salesforce to Salesforce Data Migration, Salesforce to Dynamics CRM Data Migration, Siebel to Salesforce Data Migration Services, and more. Our Salesforce Data Migration begins with end-to-end evaluations of the requirements and design required to make an effective migration. We first identify the functionality gaps in the system and validate applications to address the discrepancies. We use selected tools to extract, transform, and load your Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities, and other Standard objects and Custom objects data in Salesforce.

Our Data Migrations

Salesforce Migration Services in UK

Mapping to Salesforce

Before our migration experts get to work on your new map, we ensure everything meets your specifications. Our team will reach out to you to learn:

Once we understand your requirements, we begin the development. A technical consultant will work with you to deliver the most accurate insights.

We make migrations

very smooth and easy