Why Dev and Test?

Whilst Prince was still partying like it was 1999, so was the world of software testing. Never was there an occasion that elevated testing to the forefront of project delivery than the year 2000… However, for those that can remember it and were part of the IT delivery to ensure the world didn’t stop spinning on the bong of midnight, the whole event passed pretty much without a whimper of failure, no end of world stuff, no world war three and no shortage of toilet rolls! Testing again was treated like an unnecessary spend and a hard sell. But wait, it wasn’t long before IT failures starting popping up left right and centre and Testing was back on the menu, like the dish of the day. Hooray!

IT failures came in thick and fast and as the emergence of online shopping and banking hit our computer screens, so did the disappointment of transactions going missing, failure to checkout and on certain days like Black Friday, whole websites crashing just at that important moment you were buying that must have 80% off vegetable slicer! So, testing now has a space at the table and test teams were an essential part of IT delivery forever – whey hey!

A decade on and Testing was gathering momentum, ‘more for less’ were the words of the day, this clearly signalled a sizeable shift to Agile delivery and with it, Test Automation. Technical testing was on the rise and it played a central part of most IT projects, both in saving time and cost, but importantly signalling the collaboration between Development and Test and if you go a step further Operations (DevOps).

But it just doesn’t stop there, ever heard of SDET? Software Development Engineer in Test is an IT professional who can work equally and effectively in both development and testing roles, so The Dev and Test Guys listened to the market demands and have formed to ensure we can provide what the market wants and needs. Having both facilities to deliver Development or Testing or any combination of either, our Guys have a wide range of capabilities to meet what’s right for your project, and in whatever capacity.

So, if you need any form of development, whether an App, Website, Bespoke solution or implementation of a COTS (Commercial off The Shelf) product, we are the Guys to speak to, not to mention any QA, Testing or Test Automation you may need. We aim to be the most fair, transparent and competitively priced consultancy on the market.

If you require assistance or help in understanding any element of how Development or Testing will benefit you or work out what will be best for your organisation, then do contact The Dev and Test Guys for a free consultation. By downloading this dazzling article, you will automatically be emailed a copy of our future white papers.

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If you would like to know more about Switch and Save or offshoring or indeed any of the services that we provide then do please do contact us, we would be delighted to assist.

About the Guys

The Dev and Test Guys are the UK’s newest and brightest Development Engineering and Software Testing consultancy. Our teams are made up of exceptional consultants who will provide decades of experience and award-winning solutions to ensure you can develop and deliver with confidence.

Our mantra is that we believe in providing you with impartial information, focusing on your business needs and providing you with the best possible service at the right cost, whilst supporting you to drive quality throughout the development life-cycle. Our ‘Frugal’ engineering and innovative approach, allows for a rapid start up whilst maintaining costs to a minimum. Our pledge to these standards helps us deliver a high-quality service with consultants that care about the outcomes.

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