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We at The Dev and Test Guys have known for while that remote working was the future, well before Corona Virus made its presence known. We have been preparing, prepping and positioning ourselves with a low-cost, high-value solutions that provide our clients with solutions that meet their needs, but without compromising quality.

Whether you are embarking on a creating a bespoke system, modifying a COTS product of simply upgrading an application, not only do we have a solution for you, but an array of delivery models. Whether you want an onsite presence, near site team or fully outsourced offshore team then we are here to help. As the world works from home now is the time to look at costs and the value of outsourcing and offshoring.

There was a time when offshoring didn’t deliver its perceived values, but we’ve addressed that at our Hyderabad office, we use Highly Skilled Teams of Developers and Testers, those who are Certified Software Engineers, these engineers are led by world-class Technical and Management Leadership who monitor, mentor and make sure first-class delivery, value and quality is at the heart of everything they do. We of course, have onsite qualified testers of the highest order, bring you options at a price that suits.

Our Reusable Software Assets and Intellectual Property (Components, Frameworks and Platforms) accelerate delivery and implement Rapid Application Development, coupled with Establishing the Right Teams at the right time in the Right Places provide not only assurances of quality, but reduce cost and time to market.

So why Hyderabad? We choose our offshore centre because today in India Hyderabad has become the top IT destination with the likes of Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook and Salesforce all choosing Hyderabad, because it has the right eco-system and it has T-Hub which is govt backed start-up incubator allowing us also to get resources with right cultural mix, good skills with excellent communication. At T-Hub, they pioneer India’s leading innovation ecosystem. They synergise start-ups, corporations, governments, academia and investors to drive transformative change.

If you require assistance or help in understanding any element of How we work and remote working or working out what will be best for your organisation, then do contact The Dev and Test Guys for a free consultation. By downloading this brilliant article, you will automatically be emailed a copy of our future white papers.

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If you would like to know more about Remote working or offshoring or indeed any of the services that we provide then do please do contact us, we would be delighted to assist.

About the Guys

The Dev and Test Guys are the UK’s newest and brightest Development Engineering and Software Testing consultancy. Our teams are made up of exceptional consultants who will provide decades of experience award winning solutions to ensure you can develop and deliver with confidence.

Our mantra is that we believe in providing you with impartial information, focusing on your business needs and providing you with the best possible service at the right cost, whilst supporting you to drive quality throughout the development life-cycle. Our Frugal engineering and innovative approach, allows for a rapid start up whilst maintaining cost to a minimum. Our pledge to these standards helps us deliver a high-quality service with consultants that care about the outcomes.

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