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After years of working both onsite, near site and remotely, at the Dev and Test Guys, we have acquired a reasonable amount of knowledge and expertise on how to make it work in a way that enhances your existing processes. We know that working away from your onsite desk isn’t the same as being in the office, the lack of social interaction with your colleagues and resolving things over a coffee may have been put on hold, but that doesn’t mean your business has to.

Our expert consultants, wherever they are based are all ready to help. By getting to know your business and your team members, we provide on-demand resources that compliment your teams, who provide suggestions, advise on tooling and methodologies that can improve the System Development Life-Cycle.

Not only do we integrate with your existing teams, but we install mechanisms that you can implement to enhance remote outcome predictability and overall productivity, not to mention bringing in some fun and happiness along the way! Think less “Those Guys” and more “Our Guys”.

We would love to get know you and your organisation better, to understand the traits and characteristics of your business and teams, your vision, values and goals. This way we can prepare our teams to be seamlessly aligned, integrate and help you during every aspect of your project delivery. We are here to support you all the way.

All our consultants are certified in their field of expertise who have years of experience and subject matter experts in their own right. So wherever they are based, you can rest assured you’re in good hands. We pride ourselves on a right first-time approach, bringing success is our main objective.

If you require assistance or help in understanding any element of how onsite, nearside and remove Development or Testing will benefit you or work out what will be best for your organisation, then do contact The Dev and Test Guys for a free consultation. By downloading this dazzling article, you will automatically be emailed a copy of our future white papers.

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If you would like to know more about onsite, near site and remote working or indeed any of the services that we provide then do please do contact us, we would be delighted to assist.

About the Guys

The Dev and Test Guys are the UK’s newest and brightest Development Engineering and Software Testing consultancy. Our teams are made up of exceptional consultants who will provide decades of experience and award-winning solutions to ensure you can develop and deliver with confidence.

Our mantra is that we believe in providing you with impartial information, focusing on your business needs and providing you with the best possible service at the right cost, whilst supporting you to drive quality throughout the development life-cycle. Our ‘Frugal’ engineering and innovative approach, allows for a rapid start up whilst maintaining costs to a minimum. Our pledge to these standards helps us deliver a high-quality service with consultants that care about the outcomes.

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