Frugal optimisation

Early in 2020 one of our Guys, whilst hanging a clock, slipped, bumped their head and knocked themselves out. Whilst recovering, they had an idea and jotted down a few notes. A couple of months later, The Dev and Test Guys are now proud to launch their Frugal Optimisation Testing Service – Think Flux Capacitor, taking your project from initiation to advance in warp speed time – well at least at 88 miles an hour!

The Guys have adopted a Frugal philosophy, approach and process for solving a deep-rooted problem in an innovative yet cost effective manner. The game changing aspect of our Frugal Optimisation Test Service is in the net cost impact for our customers. An optimally Frugal engineered test solution is focused in solving problems that all projects have with great effect – Time to Market, Costs and Overall Quality, using pre-prepared regression packs based on and deriving from existing solutions allows us to kick start a project with confidence and to provide a framework of existing test cases, thus getting you up and running with minimal delay.

We’ve removed the gloss and our no frills and fancies approach allows us to take advantage of our ERP, CRM, Oracle, ServiceNow and Cloud experience to accelerate the testing cycle without compromising quality. This approach reduces testing time, brings a higher-level of confidence, ensuring that the test coverage is correct whilst decreasing the time to market and of course, reducing the all-important costs.

So, don’t be left in 1955, fill up the capacitor drive and fire up the DeLorean, we’ll be waiting here with a modern-day solution that attributes combining cost, coverage, quality with a high degree of innovation.

The Dev and Test Guys are a company, fully focused on Software Development, Project Quality Assurance and Software Testing. Our Guys show passion, drive, commitment and above all be experts in their field. Our innovated services suit from the start-up, to the multi-national, from small projects to complex Digital Transformations, our range of service, delivery and cost models are crafted to meet your requirements bringing assurances at a value you’ll love.

If you require assistance or help in understanding any element of Quality Assurance and working out what will be best for your organisation, then do contact The Dev and Test Guys for a free consultation. By downloading this brilliant article, you will automatically be emailed a copy of our future white papers.

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If you would like to know more about Frugal Optimisation or Flux Capacitors or indeed any of the services that we provide then do please do contact us, we would be delighted to assist.

About the Guys

The Dev and Test Guys are the UK’s newest and brightest Development Engineering and Software Testing consultancy. Our teams are made up of exceptional consultants who will provide decades of experience and award-winning solutions to ensure you can develop and deliver with confidence.

Our mantra is that we believe in providing you with impartial information, focusing on your business needs and providing you with the best possible service at the right cost, whilst supporting you to drive quality throughout the development life-cycle. Our ‘Frugal’ engineering and innovative approach, allows for a rapid start up whilst maintaining costs to a minimum. Our pledge to these standards helps us deliver a high-quality service with consultants that care about the outcomes.

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