What are the advantages of Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS)?

Oracle is one of the technology giants in implementing solutions for corporate business processes and customer relationship solutions. Oracle has proven to be a viable option for many large and medium-sized companies, and with its SaaS offering, it is now also attractive to some small companies. Oracle applications have gone through many updates over the years in its ERP software application suite.

Traditional ERP systems are designed for local installation with a database management system as the backend. Most ERP providers are increasingly replacing them with the cloud. Maintenance and servicing according to current standards can be expensive and time-consuming for these older versions of ERP systems. Oracle has emphasised the migration to cloud ERP and outlined many guidelines for the implementation process.

What is Oracle ERP Cloud?

Oracle ERP Cloud is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) known for its ability to scale with your business as it is developed and expanded. The SaaS application offers multiple modules on the same platform without going through a lengthy installation process. Its robust execution of automated business processes in different modules makes it an ERP choice for companies looking for large cloud service providers. The deployment options are flexible and more straightforward. The software runs in the cloud, so data security has a top priority.

Oracle’s implementation of AI in the ERP cloud has increased its marketing potential. Smart tips on fiscal spending and budgeting have enabled finance operations teams to stay ahead of the curve. 

 Oracle ERP Cloud is a comprehensive package that organisations should migrate when using an older on-premises version. Oracle ERP Cloud solutions have many features and functionality not available in an on-premise version of the product.

What is Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS)?

Oracle E-Business Suite is a combined group of applications planned to automate:

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • Supply Chain Management (SCM)

Oracle E-Business Suite helps users maintain global business, accelerate decision-making, reduce costs, and improve business performance. Oracle EBS reports have pre-built BI and analysis functions and mainly use customer-oriented application approaches.

Advantages of Oracle EBS

In addition to automation, Oracle EBS offers another major advantage: All product modules flow into a single database, which simplifies the reporting process and provides a single data source.

How Can Oracle EBS Help Your Business?

Oracle EBS runs on the company’s powerful Oracle Database software. In 2001, EBS included ERP and CRM applications and was used by many Oracle products, including JD Edwards, Siebel, and PeopleSoft. 

Oracle EBS supports CRM, ERP, and SCM operations through numerous modules for financial management, personnel management, customer service management, and procurement and value chain functions. This suite of products offers the user greater business intelligence and analysis capabilities.

What Are Some of the Applications in Oracle EBS?

Applications in Oracle EBS include Oracle EBS include Oracle Financials, Oracle CRM, Oracle Human Resource Management System (HRMS), Oracle Supply Chain Applications, Oracle Logistics, Oracle Transportation Management, Oracle Order Management, and Oracle Warehouse Management System. The CRM, Finance, and HRMS modules are among the most extensively used.

Oracle CRM – The Oracle CRM application is a front office tool designed to help your business convert and retain customers. Its functions include:

  • Marketing
  • Order Capture
  • Contracts
  • Field Service
  • Call Centre Functionality
  • Internet-Focused Products like Catalogues, and Content, Quote and Order Management

Oracle Financials: The finance module includes applications for department-centric functions with detailed reports and built-in analysis. Its modules include:

  • General Ledger
  • Financial Analyser
  • Cash Management
  • Receivables
  • Payables
  • Fixed Assets
  • Property Management
  • Treasury

Human Resource Management System (HRMS): The HRMS utility is designed to address HR features from recruitment thru to retirement planning. It offers seems into HR activities. You can track your success rates and mix between recruitment and on boarding. It offers a single point factor for information seize so you can personalise reporting that consists of time management, training, recruiting, benefits, compensation, and payroll. The HRMS suite integrates with different Oracle EBS gear for clean extraction for reporting and information repository harvesting.

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