What are the Key Benefits of Salesforce?

As you know that Salesforce is a major player in the Cloud Computing industry that focuses on customer relationship management (CRM). Salesforce services enable companies to leverage cloud technology to better connect with customers, partners, and prospects. Customer success and helps companies track customer activities, market customers, and provide many other services.

Salesforce is one of the first global companies to use cloud-based CRM software successfully. Salesforce has influenced cloud technology and developed a wide variety of applications for businesses to better connect with their customers and through analytics and applications to help them provide vital information about their services.

Although the applications are broad, according to Salesforce, their CRM primarily focuses on helping companies retain customers, keep their customers happy, find and win executives, provide companies with information about their customers, and more.

The world’s leading CRM software goes beyond these capabilities with marketing automation and a customer service tool. It will help you maintain good relationships with your prospects and customers by understanding them better. You will learn to build relationships with them and meet their expectations. Would you like know the benefits of Salesforce? The below list gives you the detailed benefits of Salesforce CRM.

1. Communicate using automation tools

From saying thank you for distributing surveys, automation tools can help you avoid a late response. Salesforce Einstein Bots allow your service reps to focus more on their complex tasks while the technology goes through the basic routine of answering chats on time. 

 The integration of this chatbot can change the satisfaction of your customers by reacting in good time and better connecting with them. It will help them remember your customers’ experience every time they interact with your brand on the website or the social media pages.

Einstein Bots Features: 

  • Send answers of customers’ enquiries
  • Add answers to frequently asked questions to get a specific pattern that will serve your future customers
  • An easy-to-use Bot Builder


Image Source: Salesforce.com

2. Utilizing data analytics tools

Data analytics will help you understand your customer’s problems and compare the results of your marketing campaigns and sales strategies. It also highlights the part of your website that is getting the most traffic, top-selling products, how people can engage with your brand, and other daily changes. 

Salesforce has dashboards and a suite of reporting tools to help you collect and work on the information correctly, as well as Einstein Analytics (formerly Wave), a cloud-based platform for connecting data across multiple sources. Users, so they can react instantly to changing data.

3. Following customer activity 

Before becoming a loyal customer, your prospects begin the journey by knowing your brand. This part is vital so that you know their details and understand their behaviour. You need to know how your prospects become customers because of their activities.

In Sales Cloud, you have quick access to customer data such as contact details, history, background, and much more. You get a 360-degree view of all your customers and interact with them according to their activities. Use this feature to watch your audience’s social content to discover their knowledge and concerns about your product. You can also check your email campaigns’ click rates (open email rate) to know what works best for your customers.

Image source: Salesforce.comhttps://lh6.googleusercontent.com/Ad2yTTg1yTtBBphh8X__0KaiqBpVfYChxDl91Lk6iA_EGdRZtRQoWeu8FVgpLPOpeDKVTXHocs8IMzWJwyobgBHMbKnB969x7yQ12nEjw5zrG_Nh3FV6qQkodhwjnWbXTexobupq

4. Syncing data from various applications

Does your company use other applications like MailChimp, G Suite, Oracle ERP, Zoho Books? In this case, the data from these apps can easily be integrated into Salesforce. Having the whole thing in one place eliminates the burden of switching to different software. 

This CRM also improves the customer experience as it is user-friendly. You can use the Salesforce mobile app to keep an eye on your data anytime, anywhere. It allows you to navigate different platforms while adding new data at the same time. Salesforce is flexible because all of your applications and information are brought together in one place.

5.  Assisting customers through chat 

You can continue to guide your customers without seeing them in person. In this pandemic it is much safer for you to contact them via live support. This tool simplifies the interaction and has a positive effect on online customer service. Your agents can guide your customers to correct their forms via chat.

The Salesforce Service Cloud Live Agent offers a chat box based on the interaction of your customers or followers on your website. Your service team can provide answers by connecting to the customer profile. The customer’s concern can go straight to the agent who understands the problem. This feature improves the customer experience by allowing agents to respond quickly.


Image Source: Salesforce.com

6. View your audience in one place 

View, organise and even add custom labels to your contacts in a single dashboard. Salesforce Audience Builder allows you to split up your subscribers and target your shows more precisely by better understanding customer behaviour.

Use all the information from sources like Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Analytics to get an expanded view of the customer, making it easy for you to send personalised messages based on their browsing activity and purchase history. From there, you will get to know your target groups better.

7.  Gather insights to understand your business better

When you gain insight into your audience, you can understand what needs improvement. With Salesforce CRM, you can review your data and know-how your current customers are interacting with your company. You can use this information to help you decide whether changes to your business Service or product are needed or not. 

Marketing Cloud Insights makes it easy for your team to do this. This role guides you to understand the most critical posts on social media and analyse your customer behaviour. This will help you understand your audience’s background, spot current trends, and know what’s changing in commitments. Understanding your customers means knowing your business better.



A CRM is vital to your business. You and your team will see how profitable and efficient it is to have your documents and data on one platform. The above benefits show how everything you need is in the software cloud.

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