What is On-Demand App Development?

What is On-Demand App Development?

In the last few years, we’ve seen a new type of business model that has revolutionised everything we’ve seen so far! The on-demand business model grew in popularity with the success of Uber. After that, there has been an increase in on-demand app development companies for grocery delivery, healthcare, field service, courier, and delivery companies to manage on-demand dispatch systems. It has transformed the way people live and the basic principles of business. The model is called “Service on Demand,” On-Demand Service, or generally “On-Demand Economy.”

ACCORDING TO BUSINESS OF APP AND JUNGLEWORKS DATA, 52% of people in the UK have used one form or another of on-demand online services, which can be viewed as a huge market and business opportunity for aspiring businesspersons. Online delivery is one of the few areas that has constantly boomed during the pandemic. In the UK alone, the delivery business grew by 11.5%. Mobile applications have become the leading platform for delivering these services. And this is the reason why we see the rise in demand for On-Demand Application Development Companies.

What are On-Demand Applications?

The idea of On-Demand Apps is simple; Delivering a product or service when you need it with a tap of your finger. On-Demand apps increase the demand for a product or service online and act as a platform for suppliers to connect with those in need, which cuts the time it could take for both parties to meet.

On-Demand applications act as a bridge between customers and service providers. It lets the users order any service, and the service provider can deliver the same services in minutes. On-Demand, therefore, makes the whole process easier and more convenient for both users and service providers.

These include products and services like transportation (like Uber), Rental Property (like Airbnb), laundry, and handyman Services On-Demand. On-Demand custom apps are developed on both the platforms such as iOS and Android.

How Does On-Demand Application Works?

With B2C, B2B, and C2C business models, On-Demand service apps enable transactions of goods and services. A highly-performing app lets companies serve their customers using smartphones and offer them the best experience. A unique On-Demand platform involves the following process:

Step 1: Users and service providers register their account via email or mobile number.

Step 2: Users will search the nearby service providers and places a request to avail of a specific service.

Step 3: The service provider receives the request and has the option to accept /decline the request sent by the use.

Step 4: Users can pay for the services opted as per their choice and convenience.

Step 5: The services that users request are quickly delivered to their preferred location.

Step 6: Confirmation of delivery takes place between the consumer and the delivery personnel

Step 7: User can track their orders with real-time tracking availability.

Step 8: Both user and service provider can rate and share their feedback based on the experience.

Different Types of On-Demand Business Models

Person to Person: The mobile app serves as an interface between the service provider and the person who wants it.

Business to Consumer (B2C): This on-demand delivery app model connects the end-users with the enterprise directly.

Business to Business (B2B): In this model, one enterprise sells products/services to other enterprises

On-demand apps are now offering numerous services. The following category includes the top On-Demand service providing mobile apps:

  1. Personal transportation
  2. Food delivery
  3. Housekeeping services
  4. Handyman service
  5. Delivery service
  6. Beauty services
  7. Rental properties and lounging
  8. Laundry service
  9. Healthcare
  10. Learning and educational

The list doesn’t stop there. Every year more and more types of on-demand services are added that make our lives a lot easier. Building an application on demand doesn’t take much; all you need is an idea. Any good idea that makes people’s lives easier can now make a business model successful.

Benefits for Business Enterprises

  • Leverage the potential of mobile
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Increased employee satisfaction
  • Security
  • Scalability
  • Know your customers better

Features like enhanced user experience, easily customisable, easily scalable, latest technology, one-time payment, and best features make on-demand applications the first choice for consumers. Below are some of the distinctive benefits that customers can get with the on-demand service:

  • Cashless payment facility
  • Ease of selecting the provider
  • Review and rating option
  • Tracking facility

Overview of the On-Demand industry

According to statistics of the On-Demand economy, On-Demand applications will reach $ 335 billion by 2025, and the On-Demand industry will attract nearly 22.4 million users.

According to the survey, developing an On-Demand application has proven to be the best investment opportunity.


Enterprises and start-ups looking for a custom or on-demand app need to look at a specialised On-Demand app development company. Ensure that the company you choose for On-Demand App development serves with custom apps that work well on Android and iOS devices.

Why Choose The Dev and Test Guys for Your On-Demand App Development?

With over a decade of experience in custom mobile application development, we have built various On-Demand mobile applications. We use our technical ability and business acumen to identify, evaluate, and deploy custom solutions that give you a competitive advantage. It is across varied native and across mobile OS platform environments. You can contact us to know more about our services.

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