What is Oracle Fusion Cloud, and Why Does it Matter?

There has been a lot of talk about Oracle Fusion in the past few years, and many people have difficulty understanding what it means. Basically, “Fusion” refers to Oracle’s cloud infrastructure (middleware “Fusion”) and the development of new applications precisely designed for cloud and subscription services. In recent times, Oracle has focused communications on the business process value and use of these applications and now refers to these applications and the technology behind them simply as “Cloud.” This article will use the term “fusion” to define the underlying technology for those concerned and the word “cloud” to describe the company application services delivered by Oracle in a subscription model.

What is Oracle Fusion?

Oracle Fusion is a group of software applications developed by Oracle and designed for use by organisations, mainly medium and large enterprises, because of the cost of licencing the software.

Organisations can use one or more Oracle Fusion applications as they are designed to integrate business functions and processes and make them more efficient.

Oracle Fusion applications can run on an enterprise’s data centre, or the applications can be hosted and run in a cloud computing environment. Some of the functionalities of Fusion applications can also be accessed from a smartphone or tablet.

Oracle fusion is categorized into two distinct contexts. They are:

  1. Oracle Fusion Middleware: It is a digital cloud business platform that enables companies to build and run intelligent and agile business applications while optimising IT productivity by taking full advantage of modern hardware and software architectures.
  2. Oracle Fusion Applications: Utilise the best connectivity, maintenance, and deployment process for private and public cloud deployments. From development, content, collaboration, and technology tools to process management, analytics, security, and mobile devices, Oracle’s integrated product suites are driving the cloud market of tomorrow.

The featured solutions of oracle fusion middleware are:

  • Oracle Cloud Platform as a Service (PaaS) enables users to quickly create and deploy cloud and mobile applications or extend Oracle Cloud SaaS applications.
  • Oracle offers a robust architecture to quickly and securely integrate the IoT into the current digital strategy.
  • Oracle delivers security into the design, testing, and maintenance of its products.

Oracle Fusion has been divided into four software categories: 

  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Human Capital Management
  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Supply Chain Management. 

Simultaneously, these applications were made available via the Oracle Cloud in addition to on-premises setups. It quickly gained momentum, and new features were added regularly, with significant releases up to three times a year.

Oracle is going “all in” and accelerating its Cloud offerings. The current suite of cloud applications includes CRM; Finance; Governance, risk, and compliance; HCM; Obtain; Project portfolio management, and SCM. Within each of these groups, some sub-categories provide organisations with multiple levels of services and modules.

Oracle Cloud SCM applications are different from previous Oracle application software, such as a complete, fully integrated cloud suite. One of the main advantages of Oracle Fusion is its capability to integrate with these hybrid cloud architectures and legacy frameworks through its technical cloud infrastructure and platform offerings that encourage external development within its open standard architecture.

Customising/Extending Oracle Cloud Applications

Application customisation enables customers to work more closely on their business processes. It is one of the critical factors that contribute to the general acceptance of the application and thus to customer satisfaction.

You can use Oracle’s native SaaS functionality in the standard cloud to make the following extensions. These are relating to applications other than Oracle Sales Cloud and Oracle Taleo.

  • Branding customisation
  • Page customisation
  • Object customisation
  • Business Intelligence 

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