What is Salesforce Customer 360?

Companies are under more pressure than ever to deliver extraordinary experiences to their customers. It doesn’t matter if you solve a problem over the phone, answer messages, or connect online; your customers will judge your business by the quality of every interaction.

Unfortunately for brands, clients now have higher expectations; they expect service providers to understand their needs automatically and offer solutions to the requirement beyond their expectancy.

We all live in a Customer-centric era where we treat customers as kings and treat them as heroes of our business.  Today the customers expect a unified, personalised and data-driven digital experience. On the other hand, companies find it challenging to integrate isolated systems into one.

Being the world’s top Customer Relationship Management provider, Salesforce understood the problems companies were facing and created Salesforce Customer 360, a full suite of products built for the modern consumer.

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What is Salesforce Customer 360?

Salesforce Customer 360 is a tool that enables organisations to connect Salesforce apps and build a unified customer ID to form a single view of the customer. It was introduced at Dreamforce 2018 and included MuleSoft features, where companies can connect any application and data source or device via any cloud service or local server. Salesforce Customer 360 delivers features that make it easier to connect fragmented customer data within an organisation and enable companies to achieve integrated customer loyalty on a scale. It goes beyond the traditional functions of the Customer Data Platform (CDP) and extends CRM practises to include data activation and management at the consumer level.

Salesforce Customer 360 is not a single product but a fully integrated customer relationship management system you can customise according to your needs. Companies have the freedom to mix and match the functionality from all features of the Salesforce portfolio. You can get started with something simple, such as a variety of functions from the Salesforce Service Cloud, including omni-channel support, instant self-service portals, and integrated artificial intelligence.

The more apps you add to your 360-degree experience, the more potential benefits you can reap:

Service: Salesforce’s service portfolio includes the world’s leading functions of one of the most comprehensive CRMs on the market. There is built-in artificial intelligence, scalable omnichannel support in apps like Facebook Messenger, chat, SMS and more. You can also design and implement your self-service chatbots.

Sales: Salesforce Sales Cloud improves your sales opportunities anywhere with instant insights into lead scores, activity tracking, and opportunities.

Marketing: Marketing apps allow you to create 11 customer journeys across multiple platforms and departments, with access to the Salesforce Email Studio, Mobile Studio, Advertising Studio, and Social Studio.

Commerce: Shopping experiences combined with AI recommendations, simple automated sales processes and business experiences on the web, mobile devices and social media platforms.

Analytics: Customer 360 analytics make it easy to understand your audience through features like Salesforce Tableau and AI Insights.

Integrations: You can integrate your Salesforce experience with many leading applications or build your own integration using APIs.

Platform: Build mobile experiences, experiment with blockchain, or make conversational experiences on the same shared platform.

Employees: Support your employees with dedicated portals and information and learning experiences to take your teams to the next level.

Partners: Use the Salesforce Trailhead partner segment to unlock new features with pre-built applications for your CRM.

Success: Get certified experts to help you with everything from reporting on the health of the organisation to ongoing technical advice.

Salesforce Customer 360 makes it easy for executives to create the best customer experience from a granular environment that can adapt to them. You can choose the functions you want from a vast portfolio of competencies. Some companies may want to use only sales solutions, while others will want an end-to-end service.

Benefits of Salesforce Customer 360 includes:

Flexible: Few CRM solutions offer as much flexibility as Salesforce Customer 360. You can choose the ideal combination of solutions for any team or industry from various sales, service, marketing, and trading systems.

Comprehensive: Salesforce Customer 360 promises a comprehensive view of your customer journey, so you know what each customer wants from you. An enhanced view of your customers means faster time to value with more perceptive business analytics.

Intelligence: Salesforce is a leader in delivering intelligent technology for customer service. AI-supported adaptation elements make it easier to update your CX strategy. You can even create bots for self-service.

Reliability: With customer service being the most critical factor that defines your brand today, you can’t afford to leave a call or miss an opportunity. Salesforce promises 99.99% availability anywhere in the world.

Immersive Analytics: The drag-and-drop analysis appeals to all skill levels. You can also generate reports and visual information that show valuable business growth opportunities. Collaboration functions even make it easy to share information with teams.

Customer 360 landscape improves the customer experience and helps you get more accurate information about business operations.

Integrating your CRM data is much easier with Salesforce Customer 360. But how about integrating this information with the rest of your company’s data? At TDATG, our certified Salesforce developers make it easy to unify and migrate your various data sources into one central data element. Are you ready to learn more information? Contact our team of data integration experts today to discuss your business needs.

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