Why to Switch to Salesforce Lightning?

Right now, one of the smartest and most intelligent CRM (Customer Relationship Management) applications is Salesforce Lightning. Lightning is a critical factor from making sales representatives more efficient and productive to changing the way businesses sell.

Salesforce Lightning is a framework for developing an application that simplifies applications for business users with little or no programming experience.

Lightning goes beyond the new look. It’s more powerful, more robust, and has smarter sales features that make the experience for sales teams much easier. You can develop applications at lightning speed, access valuable information, and sell faster.

Lightning is better than the Classic in terms of speed, functionality, and features. If you’re still a Salesforce Classic user, it’s time to make a change.

The reasons why you should switch to Salesforce Lightning are listed below.

Automate your sales process

Salesforce Lightning is loaded with new features that make it easier than ever to manage the sales process.

Sales Path provides sales advice by visually presenting each opportunity in the sales pipeline and recommendations for the next task. This allows sales representatives to execute their opportunities faster and more accurately within each pipeline phase. To visually define a sales process, create an accountability system and encourage salespeople to follow it. That way, everyone is focused on how you are selling your business.

Sales representatives can also manage their pipeline opportunities with Kanban View. Visually displayed in a Kanban-style layout, this feature enables sales representatives to monitor the status and development by dragging and dropping a record into the next phase. In real-time, which means the calculations are automatically updated as opportunities move through the channel. An up-to-date and precise picture of your sales channel is important for sales success.

Keep track of all your sales activities

Sales managers who track the performance of individual sales representatives to measure sales success often look for metrics such as activity to opportunity or activity type. These metrics tell you what is going on. Are sales reps on the phone when they say that? Are they completing every stage in the pipeline?

Lightning Voice enables sales representatives to easily make and receive phone calls without leaving the Salesforce platform. One of the essential activities in the sales process is phone calls, which are being captured.

Focus on higher quality leads and opportunities

Salesforce Einstein is an artificial intelligence (AI) tool that uses “advanced machine learning, deep learning, predictive analytics, natural language processing, and intelligent data discovery.” This all sounds hugely complex, but the value it offers is quite simple.

While using Salesforce, Einstein learns everything – the data, the behaviour, the interactions, to name a few – and then applies what it knows to gain customer insights, predict possible results, recommend next steps, and even automate tasks. It is constantly learning and refining and getting smarter with every activity and piece of data that goes into the Salesforce Lightning platform. In essence, the more you use it, the more valuable it becomes.

For sales representatives, Einstein means not only higher quality leads but also the ability to make smarter decisions and act faster. In addition, the automation of tasks gives you time to concentrate on the essentials.

Develop apps at lightning speed

Lightning App Builder lets you fully customise your Salesforce experience to suit your team’s needs. The simple and easy drag-and-drop tool lets you create Lightning Pages in seconds by selecting components from the component library. You can find pre-built Salesforce components and components built by Salesforce partners.

If your team needs something, in particular, you can probably install it on the AppExchange with just a few clicks. According to Salesforce, there are currently more than 300 components and 500 applications that can be quickly integrated with Salesforce Lightning to improve workflows and processes.

With the Lightning App Builder features in conjunction with the AppExchange, you reduce the need to develop custom Salesforce apps. In other words, you save a lot of time and money.

Clean up duplicate data faster

Clean data is crucial to any business — where sales representatives don’t have to think twice about the quality of their data; instead, they can spend more time focusing on what’s most important: building quality customer relationships.

Fortunately, complying with data quality standards is easy in Salesforce Lightning. Sales representatives can view and merge duplicate records, including contacts, business and person accounts, and leads. In the same way, they can implement identical rules and notify other sales representatives—potential problems with duplicate data using the Potential Duplicates component in Lightning App Builder.

Access data from anywhere, anytime.

We’re at a time when we look forward to taking work with us everywhere, especially for sales reps who need the flexibility to seize opportunities whether they’re in the office, on the go, or at home.

Salesforce Lightning delivers a seamless desktop-to-mobile transition so you can check the status of your accounts or follow up on a customer anytime, anywhere.

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Looking to make the switch?

Your sales team can get better and better with a powerful tool that streamlines and automates many of their tasks. Salesforce Lightning makes a massive difference in the way you sell. If you plan to migrate from Salesforce Classic to Lightning or need a better sales solution, The Dev and Test Guys’ team of Salesforce consultants can help! Send us an email at info@tdatg.com, and we’ll help you find out if Salesforce Lightning is suitable for your organisation.

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