Why Your Business Should have a Mobile Application?

If you think that mobile apps are only for big brands like Amazon, eBay, and Etsy, you are wrong. Many small and mid-size companies are following the mobile trend, believing that having an effective mobile strategy includes more than just a mobile-friendly and that their business needs a mobile app.

In fact, these days you will find that many small businesses that you frequently interact with have their dedicated mobile apps, be it at the coffee shop around the corner of the beauty salon in the city centre. When it comes to digital marketing, these businesses are ahead of the game to take it to the next level.

According to Statista, in the last few years, mobile app usage has increased significantly all around the world. By the end of 2022, there were about 6 billion smartphone users worldwide. Therefore, there is an increased demand for mobile applications from small, medium to most large businesses and enterprises.

Whether or not you’re still unsure why someone should build their mobile app, below are a few top benefits of getting down this path sooner or later.

1. Be visible to customers at all times

According to All Business, the average adult spends around 3 hours and 43 minutes on their mobile phones a day. While possibly just a handful of apps make up the bulk of this total usage, that doesn’t change that every user needs to unlock their device, scroll down, and scan for the apps they are looking for. Being on the go can benefit your company as our minds subconsciously register every image and text (or elegant app icons!) It encounters.

2. Marketing Tool

Mobile applications are a great marketing tool and will help your business stay ahead of the competition, whether information on new releases, offers, discounts, bookings, and newsfeeds. It can be efficiently done via mobile apps. Increasingly, push notifications are the most required feature that has made mobile devices more popular and mobile applications great marketing tools. 

Push notifications allow businesses to send messages to users in the form of notifications about coupons, discounts, offers, and so on. This helps them increase their product sales and revenue generation.

3. Stronger Brand Building

There were times when traditional marketing played a huge role in advertising. All companies would have had big logos on their products or services. Well, these mementos have been replaced by mobile apps now!

One of the most outstanding features of mobile business apps is that customers will get to know and recognise your brand for better communication. This regular interaction with your target market sows the seeds for building trust between you and your customers.

Mobile applications aim to empower customers and educate them about your brand. The more they believe in you, the more they listen to your sales pitch and ultimately engage with your brand.

4. Provide value to your customers

Speaking of available information, how about digitising your loyalty programme? Instead of sticking to the old point collection card, allow your customers to earn their rewards through your mobile app—the result: more downloads and more returning customers.

5. Customer Engagement

Whether you’re selling flowers or saloon services, your customers need a way to communicate with you. A messaging feature in your app can change the way you communicate with your customers. For example, OpenTable – has built its complete business prototype: instead of calling a restaurant for a table, you can book it within a few clicks on its platform. Now think about it: how many customers would you most like to contact? By SMS than by phone?


Lately, a mobile app has become a necessity for any business, be it a start-up, a company, or a big player in the market. Now that you’ve gone through the points above, you are likely to have a clear understanding of what it means and the benefits of mobile applications for every business.

So, in case if you are yet to plan to develop a mobile application for your business, you are way behind your competitors. It is important to design it now to beat the competition and stay ahead of your competitors.

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